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Elements of Writing

The Five Elements of Good Writing

Good writing considers how all of the sentences relate with each other and how the reader will respond or relate to your writing.

  • Purpose
  • Audience/Reader
  • Clarity
  • Unity
  • Coherence
  1. Purpose:
  2. The reason for your  writing
  3. What goal are you trying to achieve
  4. Is your Writing informational, Entertaining, persuasive or motivational
  • Audience/Reader:
  • Know who you are writing for
  • Have a specific person or group in mind
  • Write with your audience in mind
  • Clarity:
  • Your reader should easily understand your writing
  • Use clear sentences
  • Use specific and concise language
  • Clarify your writing with descriptive words and clear pronoun references
  • Unity:
  • All the sentences of your writing should relate to your topic or main idea
  • Coherence: 
  • All of the ideas or thoughts of your writing should be in a logical order and flows smoothly from one thought to the next.
  • Use repetition of keywords that corresponds to your idea
  • Use transitional words or phrases that connect ideas within your writing or sentences

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